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Admission Guide

Admission Process:

Hope International Hospitals has put in place efficient processes that make admission in the hospital simple and convenient for our patients and their family members. In case of an In Patient stay, the following steps of protocol will be followed:


• For OPD patients who are recommended to be admitted to the hospital, the concerned doctor raises an Advice Admission Form.


• The patient and the family are then guided to a Financial Counsellor, who will inform the patient about the plan of treatment and estimated cost. Our Financial Counselling team is active 24*7, and will counsel the patient on type of room to select, mode of payment and deposit, package details, insurance cover and more. The Counsellor will hand the patient a slip containing the specification of deposit amount and room category.


• In case the desired room is unavailable at the given time, you will be offered the next best alternative. Else, you will be later transferred to the desired room once it is available.


• If you plan to be admitted in the coming days, you will need to carry this slip with you on the day of the admission. Else, you will be guided to the Admission Desk immediately.


• Our Admission Desk Executive will carry out the formalities as per the desired room category, and guide you to the cashier section for deposit. You will receive a Deposit Receipt which you need to display at the Admission Desk.


• At the Admission Desk, you will be handed an Admission file that consists of an Attendant Pass, Visitor Pass, In- Patient Guide Book, Consent Forms and Wrist Band.


• Our In-Patient Operations Executive will arrive at the Admission Desk to guide you to your room.


Admission Checklist:


For a smooth admission process, please make sure to carry the following items:


• The letter of referral from your doctor.

• Your insurance card or cover guarantee from your health insurance fund or insurance company.

• A Government issued identity document (Passport, Driver’s license, Aadhar card).

• Previous medical health reports.


Admission Guidelines:


• The Admission Desk is located behind the front desk at the main lobby.

• Admissions are accepted anytime of the day.

• All admissions require a Deposit Slip. We accept cash n all major credit/debit cards. We do not accept checks.

• You are requested to carry your own personal toiletries, clothing and slippers as we do not provide them.

• You are advised not to retain any precious jewelery, large sums of money or other valuables during your stay in the hospital.

• Hope International Hospital is not responsible for any loss or damage of your items.

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