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Radiology Services

Radiology and Imaging :-       The right diagnosis is the first step for successful treatment. Hope International’s Department of Radiology and Imaging is one of the best equipped in India. On offer is a wide range of imaging modalities from routine X-ray and Ultrasound to the cutting-edge 1.5 Tesla MRI and 128 slice Cardiac CT scan.


All imaging procedures are performed keeping patient safety in mind and care is taken to ensure that results of the highest quality are acquired while minimising the patient’s exposure to radiation.


Digital X-Ray

X-Ray:- Hope International’s Brivio DR-F provides accurate high resolution images, while reducing patient exposure to radiation by up to 30%. It minimises the need for retakes and also allows electronic transfer of X-ray images.

Also available is BrivioXR115, an analogy X- Ray machine that operates at ideal frequencies for uniform radiation and better image quality.


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Ultrasound Scan

Diagnostic ultrasound, also called Sonography or diagnostic medical Sonography, uses high-frequency sounds waves to create images of organs and blood vessels, as well as detect problems in the abdomen, kidney, or liver.


For abdominal ultrasound exams, do not eat or drink anything eight hours before your exam. You may take any prescribed medications with water. For carotid..

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CT Scan

C T Scan :- The avant garde GE Optima CT660 – 128 Slice CT system provides quicker scan times and lower patient exposure to radiation apart from delivering unmatched image quality. It has clinical uses in cardiac, brain, chest, abdomen, orthopedics and much more.


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MRI :- Hope International Hospital features Optima MR360 1.5T 16 Channel MRI - the latest in magnetic resonance imaging technology that combines outstanding image quality with a patient-friendly short bore gantry to avoid claustrophobia, and Optix RF technology to enable cleaner, crisper images.


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Mammography:- Mammography is a diagnostic imaging procedure that employs a low-dose x-ray system for breast cancer screening in women without symptoms, breast cancer detection in women with symptoms and locating a suspicious breast tissue for biopsy.


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Dexa Scan

DEXA (dual energy x-ray absorptiometry) is used to measure bone mineral density (BMD). The technique uses very low dose x-rays and is a safe and painless procedure.


The entire procedure lasts approximately 20 minutes. Low bone density or osteoporosis is a major determinant of fracture risk and is common, particularly in women following menopause. Loss of bone density may ..

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